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Elite Tuo smart tréner

161.590 Ft
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Power monitor: Integrated OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) power meter Power measurement accuracy: +/- 2%

Wireless transmission: ANT+ (FE-C Power and Speed & Cadence) and Bluetooth (FTMS, Power and Speed & Cadence)

Max slope: 14%

Max power: (40 km/h) 1400 Watt - (60 km/h) 2200 Watt

Managment via: Smartphone, tablet, ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth bike computers

Compatible with: My E-Training software & app, Zwift, Trainerroad, Bikevo, Kinomap, The Sufferfest and others

Output: Power, speed and cadence

Flywheel: 4,2 kg, high RPM

Bike compatibility: Road, MTB, City bikes (including carbon ones), with 130-135 x 5mm hubs and quick release and 142x12 with thru-axle

Sprocket cassette compatibility: Shimano 9/10/11 speed, SRAM & Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed = adapter required

Connection: Power supply, ANT+ and Bluetooth (3 LED lights)

Includes: 12-month free My E-Training software & app

Available on: Smartphone, tablet, bike computers, sport watches, Windows and Mac, ANT+ and/or Bluetooth computers

Space occ. when unfolded (lxd): 840 x 650 mm (33.07 x 25.59 in)

Height: 550 mm (21.65 in)

Space occupied when folded (lxdxh):

300 x 650 x 550 mm (11.81 x 25.59 x 21.65 in)

Weight: 15 kg (33.1 lbs)

Gyártó: Elite

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